Q:  What is the largest component that Prattville can comfortably mill or turn?

A:  We can mill cubes of up to 31", turn disks up to 28" and shafts up to 48" long as well as plates of up to 40" X 20" long.


Q:  Are you ISO 9000 registered?

A:  Yes, we were initially audited and passed by NQA in July of 2004.


Q:  What CAD file formats can Prattville work with.

A:  We have 3 seats of Solidworks which we can use to generate CNC programs. In addition we can accept all of the most common file formats including..IGES, Step,Pro Engineer, dxf, dwg, etc


Q:  Can you machine from models directly?

A:  Yes, much of the development work we do is direct from solid models. Many or our customers are on such a fast pace that they can't take the time to detail there most complicated designs


Q:  Where did Prattville get it's name?

A:  The founders of Prattville opened for business in 1967 in a small building off of Prattville Square in Chelsea, MA. (need I say more)


Q:  How do I get one of those great looking cubes I see rotating on your home page?
A:  Call our sales group to find out.

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